Dc Comics Map Of Cities?

Where are DC Comics cities located?

Metropolis is speculated to be located in the city of Cleveland, Ohio or in a region of New York/New Jersey, although the vast majority of sources within DC have placed Metropolis in Delaware, on the opposite side of the Delaware Bay from Gotham City in New Jersey (in the “Bronze Age” continuity, these two cities were

What city is Bludhaven based on?

Gotham City

Why does DC use fictional cities?

” The reason DC used created cities/places is because it gives them greater liberty and reflexibility with their stories. By creating their own cities, DC can take the best aspects of many major U.S. cities and combine them.

Where are Gotham and Metropolis located?

The distance between the two cities has varied greatly over the years, ranging from being hundreds of miles apart to Gotham and Metropolis being twin cities on opposite sides of Delaware Bay, with Metropolis in the location of Delaware and Gotham City being in New Jersey.