Dc Comics Legion Of Superheroes Members?

Who are the members of the Legion of Superheroes?


  • Andromeda. Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Blok. Blok’s abilities fluctuated during his career.
  • Blood Claw.
  • Bouncing Boy.
  • Brainiac 5.
  • Bugs Bunny.
  • Calamity King.
  • Celeste McCauley.

Who is the leader of the Legion of Superheroes?

Legion of Superheroes
Base of Operations Legion Headquarters, New Metropolis, Earth, United Planets
Team Leader(s) Cosmic Boy (formerly) Lightning Lad Bouncing Boy

7 more rows

What happened to the Legion of Superheroes?

The Legion Lost characters are stranded on 21st century Earth during a mission to save the future, and they are forced to remain there after contracting a pathogen that could destroy the 31st century if they returned. The Legion Lost series ended with the time-lost Legionnaires still stranded in the 21st century.

Where do I start reading the Legion of Superheroes?

Here’s our handy guide to the best places to start your Legion journey.

  1. “The Legion of Super-Heroes”
  2. “Fatal Five”
  3. “Earthwar”
  4. “The Great Darkness”
  5. “Five Years Later”
  6. “Close Encounters”
  7. “Legion Lost”
  8. “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes”

Who is Mon El’s wife?

Imra Ardeen

Who is Mon el married to?

Imra Ardeen

Does the flash have a kid?

Yes, he can. If we’re talking about the Flash from the tv-show, at the end of season 4 the mysterious girl, who had been following the Team Flash crew around, was revealed to be Barry’s future daughter Nora. If we’re talking comics, Barry Allen also has two kids: Dawn and Don Allen, also known as the Tornado Twins.

Who is the first flash?

Jay Garrick

What powers does Saturn girl have?

Telepathy: Saturn Girl’s main power is the power of telepathy. She can create mental projections from her mind, transmit thoughts in varying degrees and read the thoughts of others. She can also create a multiple-mind link with whoever, making it easier for the Legion to communicate during missions.