Cheshire Dc Comics Young Justice?

Who plays Cheshire in Young Justice?

Kelly Hu

What happened to Cheshire in Young Justice?

Young Justice: Invasion

Some time later, Cheshire cut ties and left the League of Shadows to help Red Arrow look for the real Roy Harper. They married, but his self-destructive drive caused her to leave. She did not tell him she was pregnant, and gave birth to their daughter Lian alone.

Is Artemis in Young Justice Season 2?

Season 2 saw the young couple retired from heroism and living together while going to college, though Artemis came out of retirement to assist their friend Kaldur with a deep-cover mission.

Who is Artemis’s dad in Young Justice?

Real Name: Artemis Crock. Known Relatives: Lawrence Crock (father, aka the Sportsmaster), Paula Brooks (mother), Sister (aka Cheschire, name unrevealed). Group Affiliation: Justice League.