Can Comics Be Shipped Media Mail?

Media Mail packages may not contain advertising.

Comic books do not meet this standard.

So, if you’re shipping graphic novels that do not contain advertising, you can use Media Mail to do so — as long as those graphic novels don’t contain ads.

What can be shipped Media Mail?

Media Mail is a cost-effective way to send media materials through the U.S. Postal Service. You can send books, videotapes, DVDs, CDs, printed music and other sound recordings through Media Mail as long as they weigh less than 70 pounds. USPS estimates that your item will arrive in 2 to 10 days.

What Cannot be sent media mail?

The USPS limits Media mail to books, CDs, periodicals [not magazines with ads] and Music — any of these can be Educational — pencils, erasers, rulers, essay paper, art paper, etc. are not. All other items have to be shipped either First Class, First Class Package, or Priority Mail.

Can you ship Magic Cards Media Mail?

Using Media Mail for Non-Media

Don’t send any other items using this mail class. Since you utilized Media Mail service, your package is subject to inspection by the USPS in order to verify compliance. When they open and inspect the package’s contents, they discover that the box is full of Magic cards, not media.