Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Comics?

Does the Winter Soldier Become Captain America in the comics?

The character is brought back from supposed death as the brainwashed assassin Winter Soldier (Russian: Зимний Солдат, translit.

Zimniy Soldát), and later assumed the role of Captain America when Steve Rogers was presumed to be dead.

How does Bucky die in the comics?

Cap saw Bucky blown away, and he himself fell into the Arctic Sea and was frozen alive. Mark Gruenwald wrote a story that showed that, because of Cap’s special physiology, if his lungs were filled with freezing water he would go into suspended animation.

Does the Winter Soldier have a love interest?

Bucky Barnes doesn’t look like the type for relationships, neither has he shown any interest in any lady in the slightest since becoming the winter soldier.

How did Bucky Barnes become the Winter Soldier?

Bucky BarnesWinter Soldier

Bucky Barnes was brought back from his supposed death to be a brainwashed assassin called the Winter Soldier. Unfortunately, the evil Arnim Zola recovers him and erases his memory, turning him into a highly-trained assassin called the Winter Soldier.