Who Is Cicada In Dc Comics?

Who is cicada in the Flash comics?

David Hersch, or also better known by his villain name Cicada, is a villain in the DC comics. He is a fanatical cult leader who views the Flash (Wally West) as an “avatar” of the lightning that granted him powers.

Who is the real cicada?

David Hersch

Is Cicada Nora’s brother?

Sibling Warfare

One possibility is that Cicada/Don is actually Nora’s half-brother.

Is Cicada a Metahuman?

Cicada Born David Hersch is The Founder, Creator and Leader of The Cicada Cult and is an extremely dangerous Metahuman criminal in Keystone City. After murdering his wife, sick with regret, he sought to end his own life. Until he was struck by a bolt of lightning.