Walking Dead Comics In Order?

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How many Walking Dead comics are there?

The Walking Dead (comic book)

The Walking Dead
Genre Post-apocalyptic
Publication date October 2003 – July 2019
No. of issues 193
Creative team

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What order should I read The Walking Dead books in?

The Walking Dead books in order

  • Rise of the Governor. Fans of The Walking Dead will remember The Governor and his antics.
  • The Road to Woodbury.
  • The Fall of the Governor Part One.
  • The Fall of the Governor Part Two.
  • Descent.
  • Invasion.
  • Search and Destroy.
  • Return to Woodbury.

Are The Walking Dead comics good?

Very good. Much more violent than the series. The graphics are really good. And the series follows the comics to a certain degree but there are many differences and certain characters that were killed off seasons ago are still alive and well in the comics.

How do I read The Walking Dead comics?

How to Get Started Reading The Walking Dead Comics –