The Walking Dead Comics Volume 1?





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The Walking Dead Vol.

1: Days Gone Bye

Book by Robert Kirkman

How many issues are in the Walking Dead Volume 1?

Overall, it is a very good start and I read all six issues in one evening.

How much is the Walking Dead comic #1?

A copy of The Walking Dead No. 1 sold on eBay on Wednesday for $10,100, an unusually large sum for a comic book published in the 21st century. The copy earned a 9.9 out of 10 mint rating from CGC, the benchmark comics appraisal service.

How many volumes of The Walking Dead are there?

32 volumes

Are The Walking Dead comics good?

Very good. Much more violent than the series. The graphics are really good. And the series follows the comics to a certain degree but there are many differences and certain characters that were killed off seasons ago are still alive and well in the comics.