The Invincible Iron Man Comics?

How many invincible Iron Man comics are there?

Iron Man (Vol.

4), Invincible Iron Man (Vol.


Iron Man: Extremis Iron Man vol.

4, #1-6

Invincible Iron Man: The Five Nightmares Invincible Iron Man #1-7 0-7851-3412-3
Invincible Iron Man: Worlds Most Wanted Book One Invincible Iron Man #8-13 0-7851-3413-1
Invincible Iron Man: Worlds Most Wanted Book Two

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Does Iron Man die in the comics?

Iron Man is dead. Tony Stark some sort of bodily form. Even after death, Tony Stark can still play a transhumanist role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, transcending death if he uploaded an approximation of his consciousness into an artificial intelligence.

What are Iron Man comics worth?

Iron Man

undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Cover Date: Aug ’68
Cover Price: $0.12
Current Value: $1,250.00
Searched: 21173

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How did Iron Man die in the comic books?

During writer Len Kaminski’s run on Iron Man—starting with #284, “The Death of Anthony Stark”—Tony dies thanks to a central nervous system malfunction, passing along the title of Iron Man and CEO-ship of Stark International to his best friend, James “Rhodey” Rhodes.