Should I Read The Walking Dead Comics?

Are The Walking Dead comics good?

Very good.

Much more violent than the series.

The graphics are really good.

And the series follows the comics to a certain degree but there are many differences and certain characters that were killed off seasons ago are still alive and well in the comics.

Does walking dead have an ending?

The Walking Dead will reportedly end in a few seasons time due to the source material drawing to a surprise close earlier this year. The zombie drama, which airs in the US on network AMC, is midway through its 10th season, but according to sources close to the show, it will end with its 12th in March 2022.

Is Rick dead in the Walking Dead comic?

Rick Grimes is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the comic book series The Walking Dead, and in the television series of the same name, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln. In the comic book series, Rick had the most appearances until he was killed off in Issue 192 in 2019.

How many volumes of The Walking Dead comics are there?

Robert Kirkman always said that he wanted to write a comic book of what happens after the zombie movie ends. These 32 volumes are that book.