Moon Knight Comics In Order?

How many Moon Knight comics are there?

Moon Knight
Number of issues (vol. 1): 38 (vol. 2): 6 (Marc Spector): 60 (vol. 3): 30 (Vengeance): 10 (vol. 4): 12 (vol. 5): 17 (vol. 6): 14 (Legacy): 13
Creative team

19 more rows

Is Moon Knight good or bad?

As well as street level thugs, Moon Knight has also been known to fight on par with larger and physically stronger villains such as werewolves and mutant super villains like Bora. Ultimately, Moon Knight is a great character but in terms of strength in comparison to the many heroes in the marvel universe.

How much are Moon Knight comics worth?

Moon Knight

undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Cover Date: Nov ’80
Cover Price: $0.50
Current Value: $30.00
Searched: 9053

7 more rows

Is Moon Knight crazy?

Moon Knight.

In fact, he is officially insane. He is also officially a Jew. Turning his back on his rabbi father to slaughter people as a solider of fortune, Marc Spector ended up being a multiple personality suffering insufferable a-hole generally disliked by the hero community. But we love him!

Can Moon Knight beat Thanos?

Thanos eats some chocolate and kicks some as#. Moon Knight easily defeats Thanos.

Is Moon Knight Rich?

Moon Knight. Estimated net worth – $2.3 Billion. During the years that lead up to his becoming the avatar on of the Egyptian god Kontu on Earth, Marc Spector amassed a small fortune as a heavyweight boxer and world-class mercenary. Investing his money wisely, he amassed a fortune worth over two billion dollars.

Is Moon Knight a hero or villain?

The story, along with the Bill Mantlo-penned Spectacular Spider-Man #22 and #23 (September/October 1978), recast Moon Knight as a hero and his villainous first appearance as a cover to infiltrate the Committee.

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Is Moon Knight Egyptian?


Khonshu accepted, and Spector donned the traditional robes of Khonshu’s priests and became Moon Knight. Bound by vengeance more than heroism, Moon Knight often became the embodiment of Khonshu’s will, known as the Fist of Khonshu.

Is Moon Knight an avenger?

Moon Knight. But according to Aaron, Moon Knight – a one-time Avenger and mostly-hero now breaking bad – is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for his 2020 Avengers plans.