How Many Flash Comics Are There?

How many issues of the flash are there?

60 issues

How many New 52 Flash comics are there?

Works (9)

Titles Order
Forever Evil (New 52): Rogues Rebellion by Brian Buccellato 23.3
DC Comics: Zero Year by Scott Snyder 25
The Flash Volume 5: History Lessons by Brian Buccellato 26-29
The Flash Volume 6: Out of Time by Robert Venditti 30-35

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How many Flash Rebirth comics are there?

The Flash (DC Rebirth)

The Flash
Genre Superhero
Publication date August 2016 – present
No. of issues 47, Rebirth one-shot and 1 Annual (as of May 2018)
Creative team

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What is the first Flash comic book?

Flash (comics)

The Flash
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)
Created by Gardner Fox Harry Lampert
Characters Jay Garrick Barry Allen Wally West Bart Allen

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