Fictional Cities In Dc Comics?

Why does DC use fictional cities?

” The reason DC used created cities/places is because it gives them greater liberty and reflexibility with their stories.

By creating their own cities, DC can take the best aspects of many major U.S.

cities and combine them.

What cities are DC Comics based on?

Here’s a quick guide.

  • Metropolis/Gotham City. It’s no secret that both Superman and Batman’s cities are based upon the same real-world location: New York City.
  • Gateway City.
  • Star City.
  • Central City.
  • Coast City.
  • Opal City.
  • Midway City.

What city is Metropolis based off of?

New York City

Where is National City in DC Universe?

I would suggest that National City is located just south of Los Angeles, nearby or as a stand in for Dana Point/San Clemente. Much like Gotham and Metropolis are south of New York, located in New Jersey and Delaware, respectively, but located where no large cities are in the real world.