Does Thanos Win In The Comics?

Who defeats Thanos in the comics?

Adam Warlock

Does Thanos snap in the comics?

TL;DR: Yes, Thanos did snap his fingers in the comics. Yes, in the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline (1991) he snaps his fingers to kill half of the Universe, but for different reasons, he wanted to win Lady Death’s love and approval. Comics Thanos was in love with Death (cosmic entity of death).

What happened to Thanos in the comics?

In the comics, as you may have heard, Thanos is completely obsessed with winning the heart of Mistress Death, the anthropomorphic embodiment of the concept of death. He traps his granddaughter Nebula in a living hell of pain to the point of death — without allowing her to die.

What happens if Thanos wins?

You see, if Thanos won, then that means everyone dies, and I mean LITERALLY everyone in the entire MCU Universe, except Thanos and his army. His plan in Endgame was to destroy all of life and re-create it, and he could do it. He has the six most powerful objects in the universe.