Detective Comics 1000 Release Date?





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Batman Detective Comics #1000

Book by Dennis O’Neil and Peter Tomasi

Will Detective Comics 1000 be worth anything?

First published in 1937, Detective Comics, the origin of the DC label and home to the Batman character, reaches a milestone in March with the publication of Issue 1,000. In 50 years’ time, Detective Comics Issue 1,000 may be worth a fortune.

Are Detective Comics monthly?

After publishing on a monthly schedule throughout its run, Detective Comics became a bi-monthly book from issues #435 (June–July 1973) to #445 (Feb. -March 1975).

When did Detective Comics #27 come out?

May 1939

What are Batman Detective Comics Worth?

Did you know Detective Comics No. 27 is worth more than $1 million? It’s true. This rare copy of Detective Comics from 1939 sold for more than $1 million – making it one of the most valuable comics books ever!