Detective Comics 1 New 52?

How do you read Batman New 52?

Batman New 52 Reading Order

  • Batman, Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City.
  • DC Comics: Zero Year.
  • Batman, Volume 5: Zero Year – Dark City.
  • Batman, Volume 1: The Court of Owls.
  • Batman: Night of the Owls.
  • Batman, Volume 2: The City of Owls.
  • Batman, Volume 3: Death of the Family.
  • Joker: Death of the Family.

How many new 52 comics are there?

DC released a total of 111 ongoing titles during The New 52. To expand The New 52 universe, DC has also released 34 one-shots, 32 miniseries and four maxiseries, with one ongoing series planned.

What issue is Detective Comics on?

Detective Comics is an American comic book series published by DC Comics. The first volume, published from 1937 to 2011 (and later continued in 2016), is best known for introducing the superhero Batman in Detective Comics #27 (cover-dated May 1939).

Detective Comics
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How much is the first Batman comic worth?

Heritage Auction Galleries said a 1939 comic book in which Batman makes his debut has sold at auction in Dallas for more than $1 million — setting a record for the amount paid for a comic. The rare copy of Detective Comics No. 27 from 1939 went for $1,075,500 Thursday.