Dc Comics The Death Of Superman 1993 Value?

How much is the comic book when Superman dies worth?

The polybagged edition of the comic sold new for $2.50.

How much is Superman comic #75 worth?

Superman 75 (The Death of Superman, Volume 2) Comics – 1993. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Cover price $1.25.

What 90s comics are worth money?

A List Of Important Comics From The 1990s:

Rank CGC Count Issue
1. 11,846 New Mutants #98 Rare CGC-recognized newsstand cover price variant is confirmed to exist
2. 8,475 Uncanny X-Men #266
3. 5,855 Amazing Spider-Man #361 Rare CGC-recognized newsstand cover price variant is confirmed to exist
4. 5,599 Spawn #1

48 more rows

What DC comic books are worth money?

Marvel and DC Comic Books Worth Big Money

  • Tales of Suspense #39 (First appearance of Iron Man)
  • Amazing Fantasy #15 (First appearance of Spider Man)
  • Action Comics #1 (First appearance of Superman)
  • Flash Comics #1 (First Appearance of The Flash)
  • Captain America Comic #1 (First appearance of Captain America)
  • X-Men #1 (First appearance of the X-Men)

Who Killed Superman?


How much is a first edition Superman comic book worth?

The inaugural issue of Action Comics marked the first appearance of Superman and helped kick off the superhero genre. In 2014, a pristine issue of the 1938 comic, with its original price of 10 cents still on the cover, sold on eBay for $3.2 million, making it the most valuable comic book of all time.

What is Superman #1 worth?

1 sells for $3.21 million. The Man of Steel is more valuable than ever. A pristine copy of Action Comics No. 1, the first appearance of Superman in 1938, sold for a record $3,207,852 Sunday in an auction on eBay.

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What is Superman worth?

Pretty sure Superman’s net worth was estimated at $1 billion, not $3 billion, in 1988 dollars. Two Spider-mans and a Batman. Batman is worth more than Superman these days.

What is the most valuable Superman comic book?

Action Comics No. 1