Beginners Guide To Marvel Comics?

How do I start reading Marvel comics?

How to Start Reading Marvel/DC Comics!

What order should I read Marvel comics?

Below you’ll find a list of Marvel Fresh Start comic book series, and the order in which you should read them.

  • Previously: Marvel Legacy.
  • Avengers.
  • Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla.
  • Quicksilver: No Surrender.
  • Immortal Hulk.
  • Doctor Strange.
  • Thor.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp #1 to #5.

What comics should a beginner read?

But here are 10 can’t-miss books that just might turn them into lifelong fans.

  1. Hawkeye. Marvel Comics.
  2. Rat Queens. Image Comics.
  3. Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics.
  4. Gotham Academy. DC Comics.
  5. Invincible. Image Comics.
  6. Chew. Image Comics.
  7. Watchmen. DC Comics.
  8. Saga. Image Comics.

How long would it take to read all Marvel Comics?

The first issue of The Official Index To The Marvel Universe suggests that there are 32,000 comics in the last 70 years. Let say you spend 15 minutes reading one comic book; it would take you 480,000 minutes or 8000 hours or 333 days reading non-stop to finish all of them, theoretically speaking.

Is there a way to read comics online?

If you want to read comics online, ComiXology is tough to beat. It’s primarily an online comic shop (and one of the best apps for digital comics), so most issues cost money. But there’s a large, frequently updated collection of free issues available as well.

What comes after Secretwars?

All-New, All-Different Marvel (ANADM) is a 2015–2019 branding for Marvel Comics’ entire main line of comics. Taking place after the crossover storyline “Secret Wars”, it details the new Marvel Universe, with nearly 60–65 titles relaunched with first issues, with a total of 76 issues.

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What is the very first Marvel comic?

In order to capitalize on the growing popularity of comic books—especially those starring superheroes—Goodman created Timely Comics. Timely’s first comic book was Marvel Comics no. 1 (cover dated October 1939), which featured several superhero characters, most notably the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner.

Where should I start with Marvel movies?

How to watch the Marvel movies in order: chronological order

  • Captain America: The First Avenger (takes place during WWII)
  • Captain Marvel (takes place in 1995)
  • Iron Man (takes place in 2010)
  • Iron Man 2 (takes place after Iron Man)
  • The Incredible Hulk (time unspecified, pre-Avengers)
  • Thor (time unspecified, pre-Avengers)

Do Xmen and Avengers exist in same universe?

The X-Men and Avengers were both created by Marvel Comics. Since then, Marvel has re-acquired the rights to Ghost Rider and Daredevil. And Disney is in the process of acquiring Fox, so the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers will all be in the same universe in the movies, as they always have been in the comics.