All Overwatch Comics In Order?

Release Order

  • McCree: Train Hopper.
  • Reinhardt: Dragon Slayer.
  • Junkrat & Roadhog: Going Legit.
  • Symmetra: A Better World.
  • Pharah: Mission Statement.
  • Torbjörn: Destroyer.
  • Ana: Legacy.
  • Ana: Old Soldiers.

How many overwatch comics are there?

Overwatch (digital comic series)

Publication date April 2016–present
No. of issues 16
Main character(s) Overwatch team
Creative team

10 more rows

Is overwatch worth it 2020?

Is Overwatch actually worth playing in 2020? Over the past few years, there has only been one game that I keep returning to again and again. Overwatch is a game that continues to deliver thanks to a growing roster and addicting game modes. That said, Overwatch is not without faults, and plenty of them.

Are the overwatch comics canon?

Overwatch: 10 Things The Comics Add To The Canon. For all its colorful characters and engaging worldbuilding, Overwatch is a little light on canon — fans have had to piece together the game’s history and lore from cryptic tweets and in-game clues like voice lines and map design.

Is overwatch 2 coming out?

Blizzard is yet to announce an official release date for Overwatch 2. However, Playstation Brazil announced in a since-deleted tweet that the game will launch in 2020, so we may well see Tracer and co return this year.