Who Dies In Infinity War Comics?

Who dies in Infinity Gauntlet comic book?

At the start of The Infinity Gauntlet, the alien nihilist Thanos has collected the six Infinity Gems and attached them to his gauntlet.

With their combined power, he becomes “like a god” and sets out to win the affection of Mistress Death, the living embodiment of death in the Marvel Universe.

What heroes die in Infinity War comics?

  • 1 3,835 VOTES. Loki Sacrifices Himself To Save His Brother And All Of Asgard.
  • 2 4,596 VOTES. War Machine Gets Punched By Thanos.
  • 3 3,346 VOTES. Nebula Is Turned Into A Sort Of Statue By Her Father.
  • 4 2,962 VOTES. Happy Hogan Falls Defending Stark Labs.
  • 52,905 VOTES.
  • 62,717 VOTES.
  • 72,742 VOTES.
  • 82,338 VOTES.

Who dies at the end of Infinity War?


Does Tony Stark die in Infinity War comic?

Tony Stark Dies

Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) death via Infinity Gauntlet usage in Endgame is straight tragic. But like most major comic book characters from Batman to Spider-Man to Superman, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the demise of Tony Stark. Not even close.