Where Do I Start Reading Marvel Comics?

How do I start reading Marvel comics?

How to Start Reading Marvel/DC Comics!

What order should I read the Marvel Comics?

Below you’ll find a list of Marvel Fresh Start comic book series, and the order in which you should read them.

  • Previously: Marvel Legacy.
  • Avengers.
  • Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla.
  • Quicksilver: No Surrender.
  • Immortal Hulk.
  • Doctor Strange.
  • Thor.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp #1 to #5.

What Marvel comics should I read first?

The first step is to figure out what kind of comics you like to read. Marvel has everything from teen dramas (Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) to dark westerns (Old Man Hawkeye) to space operas (Guardians of the Galaxy).

How long would it take to read all Marvel Comics?

The first issue of The Official Index To The Marvel Universe suggests that there are 32,000 comics in the last 70 years. Let say you spend 15 minutes reading one comic book; it would take you 480,000 minutes or 8000 hours or 333 days reading non-stop to finish all of them, theoretically speaking.