Top 10 Star Wars Comics?

Here’s 10 of the best that you need to read!

  • 3 THRAWN.
  • 4 BOBA FETT.
  • 6 LEGACY.
  • 10 MARVEL’S STAR WARS. For some time before the Disney buyout, Marvel was still running Star Wars comics.

What are the best Star Wars comics?

‘ Despite no longer being considered canon by Disney, Legends comics are still some of the best Star Wars comics you can read.

Star Wars Disney Comics

  1. Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Anakin. Check Price.
  2. Star Wars: Kanan — The Last Padawan.
  3. Star Wars: Princess Leia.
  4. Star Wars: Han Solo.
  5. Star Wars: Darth Vader.

Which Star Wars comics are valuable?

As with most #1 issues, Star Wars #1 has the bulk of the value in this series. A 9.8 (near mint/mint) shape comic will be worth around $1,000.

Are the Marvel Star Wars comics good?

The main comic series being released by Marvel Comics was originally written by Jason Aaron, later being taken over by Kieron Gillen. This main comic series is still ongoing and it is an excellent story to keep up with for anyone that is a fan of the main heroes of Star Wars.

What Star Wars comics read?

As always, if you crave more, you can check out Comic Book Herald’s complete Star Wars reading order guide!

  • Star Wars: Darth Vader.
  • Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy.
  • Knights of the Old Republic.
  • Star Wars Legacy.
  • Star Wars: The Crimson Empire Saga.
  • Lando.
  • Star Wars Vol. 1: Skywalker Strikes.
  • Star Wars: Rebel Heist.
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Are the Star Wars comics worth reading?

If you’re overwhelmed and looking for a good place to start with Star Wars comics, this list is for you! All that means is that only the books/media published after April 24, 2014 are considered actual Star Wars lore. Which isn’t to say that the old EU stuff isn’t worth a read! It definitely is.

Are Star Wars comics on Marvel Unlimited?

More Star Wars

Marvel announced today that more than 500 Star Wars comics (with more on the way this summer) have just been added to its Marvel Unlimited digital subscription service, including both Marvel comics from 1977-1987 and Dark Horse Comics from throughout that publisher’s partnership with Lucasfilm.

What is the most expensive comic book?

Most Popular Today

An original copy of the Action Comics #1 that initially cost 10 cents and introduced Earth to Superman became the world’s most expensive comic book Sunday when it raked in $3.2 million on eBay.

How much is Star Wars #1 worth?

Star Wars

undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Cover Date: Jul ’77
Cover Price: $0.30
Current Value: $200.00
Searched: 50811

7 more rows

How much are old Star Wars books worth?

Many more Star Wars books are worth $50 to $100; again, it’s best to conduct research on the individual book you have to determine its value.