Readers ask: How often can you use channel divinity?

How does Channel Divinity work?

When you use your Channel Divinity, you choose which effect to create. You must then finish a short or long rest to use your Channel Divinity again. Some Channel Divinity effects require saving throws. When you use such an effect from this class, the DC equals your cleric spell save DC.

Does Channel Divinity break concentration?

It depends on the specific domain’s channel divinity feature. Most don’t require concentration, however some do. The trickery domain’s Invoke Duplicity specifically states it takes concentration to maintain, therefore it would break concentration on a spell that was active before the ability was used.

How many times can you use turn undead?

Turning undead can be done as many times per encounter and per day as you like, there is no limit.

Does Channel Divinity take a spell slot?

It does not burn spell slots or anything else.

Is Channel Divinity a bonus action?

Each of the channel divinity abilities specifically call out what they use. Most use an action, but some, like the Vengeance paladin’s Vow of Enmity, use a bonus action. Yes.

Do clerics get extra attack?

Clerics are one of the few classes that do not receive extra weapon attacks when taking the Attack option, or Extra Attack. Most other clerics, however, including War Cleric, supplement extra elemental damage in the place where a multiattack would usually take place.

Is vow of enmity concentration?

Vow of Enmity does not require concentration.

How many times can you use channel divinity 5e Paladin?

It recharges on a short rest, so can usually use it 2-3 times per adventuring day (depending on DM/players/table/etc), which seems like enough to me. Each Paladin has two different Channel Divinity options. So by only being able to use it once, there is a choice to make.

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Is turn undead concentration?

Being turned by Turn Undead doesn’t break your concentration. If an undead monster, is concentrating on a spell, and a Cleric uses Turn Undead on that monster.

Do clerics have access to all spells?

Absolutely. Clerics have access to their entire class spell list and the spells they have prepared can be changed in their entirety any time you finish a long rest.

How many spells do Level 1 clerics know?

Clerics know 3 cantrips and a number of spells equal to their Wisdom modifier + their character level. Spells for Clerics are a lot harder to outline than other classes. The reason for this is that each domain offers 2 spells at 1st level that best reflect the nature of those gods.

How long does turn undead last?

This lasts for up to 24 hours, depending on the difficulty of the turn attempt. A “D” result indicates cooperative service by the undead as long as the evil cleric renews his or her control every 6 days. Optionally, an evil cleric can only control up his level in hit dice of undead.

Is Channel Divinity a magical effect?

Channel Divinity creates magical effects (stated in both the cleric and the paladin). At 2nd level, you gain the ability to channel divine energy directly from your deity, using that energy to fuel magical effects.

Does divine strike work with spiritual weapon?

Because you are using a spell attack rather than a weapon attack, Divine Strike can’t be used with Spiritual weapon.

Is preserve life a spell?

It is also not a spell, so you can follow it up with a healing word or mass healing word.

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