Quick Answer: How to open a soda can without tab?

How do you open a soda can silently?

Place the can on a towel on a table. Press down with your palm near the meaty part of the thumb on the opening of the can, leaving the tab visible. With the other hand gently pull up on the tab while providing a seal on the can opening with your palm. The seal should break without much noise.

What’s another way to open a can without a can opener?

Use a pocket knife to pry open the lid.

  1. If you don’t have a pocket knife, try using a spoon, a butter knife or another tool.
  2. Or find a rock you can use to knock the lid of the can inward.
  3. When you pull off the lid, cover your hand with your sleeve or a towel so you won’t cut yourself.

Why is opening a can so loud?

When you first open the soda can, the pressure differential inside the can is trying to equalize itself. It is pushing the gas out and the gas makes the hissing noise. But now, since the pressure is much lower than it used to be, the gas bubbles have nothing holding them to the liquid.

How do you open a beer can silently?

How to open a can of beer in complete silence

  1. Place the pointy bit of knife in the middle of the bit that folds in and hold the knife with your left hand.
  2. With your right hand you want to hit the butt of the knife enough to puncture the can, but do not bounce your right hand off the knife.
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Why do soda cans make noise?

Coke like many other soft drinks are carbonated. Coke is bottled under pressure to ensure that the proper levels of carbonation are present when the drink is opened. When you open the bottle the excess gas rushes out of the bottle and a hissing sound is heard. The dissolved gas then slowly bubbles out of the drink.

How do you crack a beer quietly?

If you are not married, use your sweatshirt or some other kind of thick material. Use the towel to cover the mouth of the can. Next, pull the tab ever so gently, so the air inside the can seeps out without a lot of noise. Keep pulling gently so that the mouth doesn’t pop open, so much as pry open.

What noise does a can make when you open it?

A can makes a kind of ‘psssssssssssssssssssch’ noise, while a bottle (assuming you mean the kind with a crown cap, not a screw cap) is a gentler sound, more like a ‘pop’. But these sounds are very subjective. They can also depend on how fast you open the can or bottle, and on the temperature of the Coke inside.

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