Quick Answer: How small can a upc barcode be?

What is the minimum size for a barcode?

The required size of a UPC is 1.469” wide by 1.02“ tall. The UPC can be reduced by up to 80% and can be increased by up to 200%. The minimum clear area on the right and left sides of the barcode is 9 times the width of the narrowest bar or space in the barcode.

What size should a UPC code be?

The nominal size of a UPC is 100% magnification factor or 1.469 inches wide (from the far left hand side number to the far right hand side number) by 1.02 inches tall (from the top of the bar code to the bottom of the human readable numbers).

Can a UPC code have 10 digits?

UPC and EAN symbols are fixed in length, can only encode numbers, and are continuous symbologies using four element widths. UPC version A symbols have 10 digits plus two overhead digits while EAN symbols have 12 digits and one overhead digit. UPC can be printed on packages using a variety of printing processes.

Can a UPC have 14 digits?

A GTIN is a 14digit number though its bar code may contain only 12-digits (UPC), 13-digits (EAN-12) or 8-digits (EAN-8). The GTIN is defined as a 14digit number to accommodate all the different structures, including the EAN/UCC-14 (Shipping Container Symbol).

How much white space is needed around a barcode?

Quiet zones for two dimensional (2D) barcodes are calculated differently. The popular QR Code that is being used in marketing materials recommends a white space of 4 times the size of a module (that is the size of one of the black squares within the code) on all four sides of the code.

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Are barcodes universal?

As stated above, UPC are “Universal Product Codes” are acceptable around the globe. Before 2005, manufacturers were challenged because the US used UPC and 13-digit EAN barcodes were used internationally. The EAN format is essentially identical to the UPC but contains a leading “0” to make the number of digits 13.

Can a barcode be too big?

Too small a barcode for an advertisement will go unnoticed and prove ineffective. Too large of a tracking barcode will leave little room for other important information like who the letter came from and who it is being sent to. These elements should be larger the further away your scanner is from the barcode.

Does a barcode need a white background?

The important thing to remember when selecting colors for a barcode label is contrast. White backgrounds and black barcodes are the most recommended color combination primarily because scanners have difficulty reading yellow and red. Scanners read barcodes best when the background reflects light and the bars do not.

How do I look up a UPC code?

Barcodespider.com is the UPC code lookup database where you can find and search unique barcodes, UPC numbers, EAN number, product information with barcode image for millions of items. Just enter barcode number to get the information.

Is UPC code same as barcode?

The UPC on a product typically appears adjacent to its bar code, the machine-readable representation of the UPC. A barcode (also bar code) is an optical machine-readable representation of the UPC 12-digit number that can be reproduced onto merchandise and retail products.

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What is a 16 digit barcode called?

Codabar is a discrete, self-checking symbology that encodes up to 16 different characters with an additional 4 start/stop characters. Advantages of Codabar barcodes include ease of scanning and self-checking, which reduces errors when entering the code.

How much are UPC codes?

How much do the UPC codes cost?

Number of Items in Need of UPC Code Initial Fee Yearly Renewal Fee
1 to 10 $250 $50
1 to 100 $750 $150
1 to 1,000 $2,500 $500
1 – 10,000 $6,500 $1,300

What is a 14 digit barcode called?

The GTIN is a globally unique 14digit number used to identify trade items, products, or services. GTIN is also an umbrella term that refers to the entire family of UCC. EAN data structures.

Can a UPC code have 11 digits?

Barcode formats: UPC-A symbols consist of 11 data digits and one check digit, so 12 digits in total. The first digit is a number system digit, which typically represents the product type. The next five digits are the manufacturer’s code. And the final five digits are the specific product’s identifier.

What does UPC stand for?

A UPC, short for universal product code, is a type of code printed on retail product packaging to aid in identifying a particular item. It consists of two parts – the machine-readable barcode, which is a series of unique black bars, and the unique 12-digit number beneath it.

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