Question: How can a firm avoid marketing myopia?

How does the marketing concept relate to marketing myopia?

Marketing Myopia, first expressed in an article by Theodore Levitt in Harvard Business Review, is a short-sighted and inward looking approach to marketing which focuses on fulfilment of immediate needs of the company rather than focusing on marketing from consumers’ point of view.

What are the causes of marketing myopia?


  • Companies assume they are in a Growth Industry.
  • Companies believe there are no Competitive Substitutes.
  • Failure to Consider the Requirements of the Consumer.
  • Focusing more on Products and not on Customers.
  • Failure to Consider Changing Consumer Lifestyle in the Digital Age.

What is strategic myopia and how it can be overcome?

Overcoming your own strategic myopia is even more critical in today’s fast changing world. Strategic myopia is a condition in which the management of a business can see clearly those things that are to take place in the short term, but have only a fuzzy view of what their future might be over the longer term.

What is meant by market myopia?

What is marketing myopia? It’s a theory that states companies focus on their needs and short term growth strategies. They neglect the needs and wants of their customers and fail as a result.

How can we avoid marketing myopia with example?

How to Avoid Marketing Myopia

  1. Have a clear vision. How can this product or service make a difference now and in the future?
  2. Put the customer before the product.
  3. Do the marketing first.
  4. Don’t stop the marketing.
  5. Watch the competition.
  6. Diversify your products or services.
  7. Experiment.
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Is Marketing Myopia good or bad?

If your business is affected by marketing myopia that means your management is very poor. You will need to improve your management. A good product does marketing itself, so instead of focusing on selling, focus on your product to meet your customers need.

What is the best explanation of marketing myopia?

Marketing Myopia suggests that businesses will do better in the long-term if they concentrate on selling products rather than on meeting customers’ needs.

How can I prevent myopia?

Lifestyle and home remedies

  1. Have your eyes checked. Do this regularly even if you see well.
  2. Control chronic health conditions.
  3. Protect your eyes from the sun.
  4. Prevent eye injuries.
  5. Eat healthy foods.
  6. Don’t smoke.
  7. Use the right corrective lenses.
  8. Use good lighting.

Why is marketing myopia very dangerous?

The company has developed marketing myopia. It is looking only at its past and is assuming that its current business market will sustain it in the future. This type of thinking is extremely dangerous. Should retractable pens suddenly become obsolete, this company would have nothing left to sell.

What is competitor myopia?

Companies suffer from “competitive myopia” when they define their competition too narrowly and acknowledge only direct and immediate competitors.

What are some characteristics of a non myopic company?

What are some characteristics of a nonmyopic company (explain at least 5).

  • 3.1. company that focuses on developing relationship with the customers.
  • 3.2. Company that does not product growth without researching.
  • 3.3. Doesn’t mass produce without knowing the demand.
  • 3.4.
  • 3.5.
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What is a marketing plan called?

The terms marketing plan and marketing strategy are often used interchangeably because a marketing plan is developed based on an overarching strategic framework.

What is self deceiving cycle?

SelfDeceiving CycleSelfdeceiving cycle occurs when companies lack the vision. Inappropriate self– assessment system leads to failure in the long run.

Who invented the marketing myopia?

The term was coined by the late Harvard Business School marketing professor, Theodore Levitt, in a 1960 article by the same name (republished in 2004).

What is management myopia?

It is a form of business nearsightedness whereby companies focus on selling products and services, rather than seeing the “big picture” of what consumers really want.

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