One Punch Man Web Comics?

Is one punch man webcomic ongoing?

The One-Punch Man webcomic is an ongoing webcomic created by ONE that follows the adventures of the “average” hero Saitama.

It was first published in 2009.

This is the original One-Punch Man series and is the main source of plot for the manga remake.

There are currently 125 chapters.

Is the one punch man webcomic canon?

Just like in every anime that is based on a manga, the manga is canon. One Punch Man is trickier than most since there’s the webcomic, and the digital manga and the tankoubon print manga. Even though the webcomic is the original source, the manga is canon since it’s written by ONE. The tankoubon version is canon.

What chapter is one punch man webcomic on?

Saitama Introduction Arc

Manga Chapter Name Webcomic Chapter
1st Punch: One Punch Chapter 1
2nd Punch: Crab and Job Hunting Chapter 2
3rd Punch: A Dangerous Being Chapter 3
4th Punch: Dark Undergrounders Chapter 4

Is one punch man still ongoing?

The One Punch Man manga is still ongoing. The latest volume by the author One (Mob Psycho 100) was published in Japan on December 4, 2019. The author One (Mob Psycho 100) is writing the original manga, but Yusuke Murata draws it. There were three OPM books released in 2019.