Often asked: How can i get an icloud email address?

How do I create a free iCloud email address?

How to Create a Free iCloud Email Address. Grab your iOS device or Mac. On the iPhone or iPad, tap “Settings,” then choose your name. Tap “iCloud,” and then choose “Turn on Mail.” Next, follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I create another iCloud email address?

How to create and manage iCloud email aliases

  1. Go to iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. Click Mail.
  3. Click the gear icon on the bottom left of the window.
  4. Click Preferences.
  5. Click Accounts.
  6. Click Add an alias…
  7. Enter an alias for your iCloud email address.
  8. Click OK.

Are iCloud email addresses free?

If you have an Apple ID, then you have an iCloud email account. This free account gives you up to 5GB storage for your emails, minus what you use for documents and other data you store in the cloud. It’s easy to work with your iCloud email from Apple’s Mail, on the Mac, or on an iOS device.

Can I have 2 iCloud emails?

With iCloud Mail, you can have up to three active email aliases. You can‘t use an email alias to sign in to iCloud.com, and you can‘t use an alias to create a separate Apple ID. An email alias can‘t be converted to a primary email account.

Is iCloud Email good?

It provides users with an excellent spam filter and archive folder. If you are tired of seeing a bunch of spam hit your inbox, then iCloud email is something you’ll want to consider. Although no algorithm is 100% perfect in this regard, Apple has made this product pretty good.

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Why can’t I make an iCloud email?

If you run into the “Problem Turning on Mail” error when setting up an iCloud email account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, try signing out of iCloud and back into iCloud. Make sure you know your Apple ID and password before you sign out.

Do I have an iCloud email address?

If you have an @icloud.com email address, you can use it to sign in instead of your Apple ID. If you don’t see Mail on iCloud.com, your account is limited to iCloud web-only features. To see and use iCloud Mail and other iCloud features, set up iCloud on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Can you change iCloud email address?

If you have an email address set up and configured in the phone, you can change it because Android allows you to change, delete and add new accounts at any time. Open the email application on the Intercept to remove an old email address and replace it with a new one.

What is the point of an iCloud email address?

An iCloud address helps in connecting to your multiple devices and access saved data on the Apple service. The user can store his data online (pictures, music, etc.) and share them with others. You may eventually stop using your iCloud mailbox.

Is iCloud safer than Gmail?

Google definitely provides better security options than iCloud does. Neither company provides much in the way of detail on their various security protocols, although Google is definitely more forthcoming than the extremely secretive Apple. iCloud relies entirely on your Apple ID and password to protect your data.

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Is iCloud email the same as Gmail?

@gmail.com and @icloud.com are not related to each other, being provided by different companies. You have evidently used your Gmail address when setting up your Apple ID, and then created an iCloud account with its own @icloud.com address.

How do I remove iCloud email from Apple ID?

Open up Settings, then at the top, tap on your name where it says “Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store.” Once there, tap on iCloud, then switch mail off. This will remove the iCloud email from the Mail app.

How do I open iCloud email on iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, then turn on Mail.

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