Marvel Comics Group The Incredible Hulk?

How much is the Incredible Hulk comic book worth?

So far, the highest CGC grade for Incredible Hulk #1 is a 9.4, and only 4 copies exist in such nice condition.

Only 27 copies have a grade above 9.0 in the CGC census.

Even in poor condition, Incredible Hulk #1 can still sell for $1,000 or more.

The highest sale for IH #1 was $375,000.

How many issues of the Incredible Hulk are there?

With issue #102, Tales to Astonish was renamed to The Incredible Hulk in April 1968, becoming its second volume.

The Incredible Hulk (comic book)

The Incredible Hulk
No. of issues List[show]
Main character(s) Hulk
Creative team
Created by Stan Lee Jack Kirby

8 more rows

What is Hulk number 1 worth?

Hulk Smashes Record: Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 9.2 Sells For $320,000.

What created the Incredible Hulk?

Stan Lee

Jack Kirby