Is Terminus In The Comics?

Are the terminus cannibals?

It is later confirmed that Terminus is indeed a cannibalistic group, where they kill then carve up any new arrivals to Terminus that refuse to join them or prove to be a threat. Rick and the group are taken to the slaughter house, ready to be bled out.

Is terminus good or bad?

(Spoilers)Terminus is a place at the end of some railroad tracks. The owners have circulated information to survivors that it is a refuge and a safe place for people to live. They advertise themselves as sanctuary. However, they are no such thing.

What was happening at terminus?

The compound is attacked by Carol in an attempt to free her friends after witnessing them being dragged out of a train car to be slaughtered. She explodes a large tank of flammable gas and allows a large herd of walkers to enter. The walkers overrun Terminus and many of the residents are killed.

Who attacked terminus first?

The part of the “large man,” as showrunner Scott M. Gimple called him, was played by Owen Harn, and was indeed the same man who was later devoured by walkers after his group invaded Terminus and was captured and held captive by Gareth’s group.

Who gets eaten by cannibals in The Walking Dead?

At the beginning of season 5, it is revealed Gareth and his entire community are cannibals. As the result of the actions by Carol Peletier, the group escapes, leaving many casualties of Terminus. Gareth, however, leads the remaining survivors to try to hunt down Rick’s group and eat them.

Who took terminus from Gareth?

Owen Harn

Why did terminus become cannibals?

Presumably as a result of the rapists starving them during their captivity and eating all of their food supplies, the starving Terminus residents cannibalized most of the men who had attacked them, although they kept the bandit leader alive and tortured him into insanity before imprisoning him permanently in a train

How do they get out of Terminus?

With gunfire she ignites a propane tank near the fence that explodes, creating a breach for the walkers to enter; this creates a panic throughout Terminus that allows Rick and the others to overpower their captors and kill them. They free the others in the box car and make their way out of Terminus.

How did Tyrese die in walking dead?

AMC’s The Walking Dead suffered a truly sad loss during Sunday’s Season 5 midseason premiere. After several seasons with The Walking Daed, Chad L. Coleman’s character, Tyreese was killed off following a zombie bite during a routine house search. After the death, there is no real clue as to where the show is headed.