How thick can bondo be?

What is the maximum thickness of body filler?

Apply a thin layer using firm pressure to ensure maximum adhesion being sure to “wet out” the surface completely. Apply additional filler in layers, building up the damaged area higher than the surrounding surface. Maximum filler thickness should not exceed 1/4 inch.

Can you Bondo big dents?

Unfortunately, a dent repair filler like Bondo is not ultimately the best choice you have to fix car dents. Fillers like Bondo can potentially harm your car in the long run.

How big of a hole can you Bondo?

Re: Just how big of a hole can Bondo cover? Bondo is only recomended to fill inperfections in the body, its only supposed to have a thickness of 1/6 up to 1/4 of and inch thick.

Can you layer Bondo?

Yes, you can layer bondo over bondo as much as necessary with no problem.

Will body fillers crack?

You do not want to apply body filler to anything that is thicker than about a 1/4”. Eventually the filler will shrink and possibly crack or even fall off. The general rule of thumb is that if the dent it deeper than 1/8”, you need to do metal work first.

Does Bondo crack over time?

Bondo is very brittle and eventually cracks, even from simple road vibration over the years. It really depends on how well the supporting screen mesh is applied and how well the surrounding surface is prepared ahead of time, along with what thickness of Bondo is applied.

When should I use Bondo?

Bondo is an automotive body filler, often used for car and household repairs. You can use Bondo to fill in small dings and smooth out warped panels in a car body. Before you begin applying Bondo, make sure to sand down the paint, replace any rusted metal, and mask off any areas that don’t need filler.

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Is Bondo body filler waterproof?

Bondo Fiberglass Resins and Repair Kits are 100 percent waterproof. Because they do not shrink, they are excellent sealers. Bondo Fiberglass Resin is sandable in less than 2 hours, is compatible with all paints, and creates a strong and long-lasting bond.

How long can Bondo be left unpainted?

Between life and work, the longest time period the bondo would go Unpainted would be about 2-3 weeks.

Can Bondo cover holes?

Body repair is often considered one of the most delicate and complicated car repairs, but learning how to Bondo rust holes is luckily quite simple. The putty can be useful for filling rust holes in the most rust-prone areas of a car including quarter panels, fenders over and behind the wheels, and the bottoms of doors.

Can Bondo be used over primer?

Can you apply body filler or bondo over primer filler? Yes. You CAN apply over sanded 2k primer, or bare metal. Be sure to have the area sanded with at least a 150 so the filler has some TOOTH to grab to.

Do you have to sand between coats of Bondo?

Cut and sand

Once the Bondo cures, it’s time to sand. The lightweight Bondo Gold is far easier to sand than the heavier type, so consider using the good stuff on the way out. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust between coats.

How long should Bondo dry before sanding?

Generally, in a matter if a few minutes it will start to harden and get rubbery. At that point, you can carve it up with a utility knife, a hand planer or a bondo rasp. Just make sure you leave enough to do a final sanding, usually within 10 to 15 minutes you can start sanding it.

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What will Bondo not stick to?

6. Clean and sand or scuff the surface to prepare it for body filler — it will not adhere to smooth, dirty or oily surfaces. Generally, if paint will stick, so will Bondo. Conversely, if there’s an area you don’t want Bondo to stick to, apply a release agent (see tools and materials) or use Scotch tape or wax paper.

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