How Does Gwen Stacy Die In The Comics?

Does Gwen Stacy come back to life?

Gwen Stacy’s been dead for 40 years.

Well, now Marvel is bringing her back to life in “Spider-Gwen.” The story goes that the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker actually bit Stacy on Earth-65, an alternate reality, according to USA Today. This isn’t “Spider-Gwen’s” first appearance though.

Does Gwen Stacy always die?

Ultimate Gwen Stacy’s death

In Ultimate Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy does not die in a different way a few issues after she found out Spider-Man’s secret identity.

Who came first Gwen or Mary Jane?

9 She Wasn’t Peter Parker’s First Love

Gwen Stacy is usually considered to be Peter Parker’s first girlfriend, with Mary Jane being introduced later on.

What would have happened if Gwen Stacy lived?

Synopsis for “What If Gwen Stacy Had Lived?” Instead of shooting a webline to Gwen from the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge, Spider-Man jumped off of the bridge himself to rescue her. After saving her, Peter reveals his identity and proposes to her.