FAQ: How much can you sell a nintendo 64 for?

How much is a Nintendo 64 worth at a pawn shop?

As for selling, you’ll be lucky to get $20–30 for a console and controllers alone, likely $50 if it’s in original box in good shape. Although some of the chase variants that were molded in different colors are much rarer and can command a better price, the more complete they are.

What Nintendo 64 games are worth money?

The 15 Rarest N64 Games (& How Much They’re Worth)

  1. 1 ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut: Up To $14,500.
  2. 2 Majora’s Mask (Not For Resale Gray): ~$1,000.
  3. 3 Zelda Ocarina Of Time (Collector’s Edition): $1,000-$1,100.
  4. 4 Conker’s Bad Fur Day: $500-$700.
  5. 5 Super Bowling: $500-1,300.
  6. 6 Stunt Racer 64: $200-700.
  7. 7 Bomberman 64 The Second Attack: ~$400-700.
  8. 8 Harvest Moon: $400-$600.

Will Nintendo 64 go up in value?

So will the Nintendo 64 increase in value? According to previous trends and listings on eBay, the Nintendo 64 has been in great demand and will likely remain in high demand in the future. With this increase in demand and shortage of supply, the prices will likely continue to increase.

How much can I sell my original Nintendo for?

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) typically sells for anywhere between $20 and $50, though it’s worth noting that price can be significantly higher if you have games and accessories (more on that below).

Why is Nintendo 64 so expensive?

Why are N64 Games So Expensive? Because the N64 uses cartridge games, which are way more expensive to produce than discs, fewer were made. So supply for N64 games is comparatively low. So complete-in-box N64 games are even harder to come by, driving prices higher.

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How much is a Pikachu Nintendo 64 worth?

Pikachu Nintendo 64 System Nintendo 64

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2016-09-29 Nintendo 64 N64 Pikachu Edition Blue & Yellow Pokemon Console Set New Toys R’us $369.99
2016-09-21 Nintendo 64 N64 Pikachu Edition Blue & Yellow Pokemon Console Set New Toys R’us $529.99

What is the rarest Nintendo 64 game?

So, here are some of the rarest games on the Nintendo 64 and how much they cost.

  1. 1 Clay Fighter Sculpture Cut.
  2. 2 Harvest Moon.
  3. 3 Super Bowling.
  4. 4 Snowboard Kids 2.
  5. 5 Yoshi’s Story (International Version)
  6. 6 Bomberman 64: Second Attack.
  7. 7 Goeman’s Greatest Adventure.
  8. 8 International Superstar Soccer 2000.

What is the rarest N64 console?

The N64 game library contains a wealth of hidden gems, and the console itself came in all kinds of cool variants. However, the rarest version of the Nintendo 64 distanced itself from its roots upon its original release: the Hyundai Comboy 64.

Why is Stunt Racer 64 so expensive?

2 Stunt Racer 64 ($214 – $3500)

Its value comes from its rarity, due to it being a Blockbuster exclusive, meaning the only way of getting the game was from them.

How much did n64 cost when it came out?

Originally intended to be priced at US$250, the console was ultimately launched at US$199.99 to make it competitive with Sony and Sega offerings, as both the Saturn and PlayStation had been lowered to $199.99 earlier that summer.

What was the last n64 game?

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (North America)

The third entry in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series was the last official Nintendo 64 game to come out in North America. The game was released on August 20, 2002, making this title the absolute last game to come out for the system.

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What old video games are worth money?

Some video games of previous generations are now worth hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands, depending on rarity and condition.

  • 25 Paper Mario ($800)
  • 26 Luigi’s Mansion ($800)
  • 27 Conker’s Bad Fur Day ($700)
  • 28 Atlantis II ($500)
  • 29 The King Of Fighters 2000 ($400)
  • 30 Primal Rage ($300)

Are old consoles worth keeping?

They are defiantly worth keeping bud! They will be antique one day and maybe be worth something, but you could also give it to your kids and they can play without having to spend more and more money! Keep your old consoles. If you sell them you might regret it.

Where can I sell my game console?

Our Top Picks For Selling Video Games

Decluttr Best Place to Sell Video Games in Bulk
SellCell Best Place to Sell Video Game Consoles
Swappa Best Place to Sell Items in Good Condition

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