Fallout 4 Hubris Comics Location?

Where is hubris Comics in Fallout 4?

Hubris Comics is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287, located just west of Swan’s Pond.

How do I get to hubris comics?

An easy way to get to Hubris Comics is via the Hubris Comics utility tunnels. These can be entered via a sewer grate at the edge of the water just northwest of Wilhelm’s Wharf, directly north of the outhouse. There is radiation and a great number of feral ghouls in the tunnels.

Where is Grognak’s AXE?

Grognak’s Axe can be found in Hubris Comics, a comic book store not too far ouside Diamond City. Players can head toward Trinity Tower and find the store nestled between there and Park St. Station.

How many comics are there in Fallout 4?

There is, however, a much greater benefit to finding these comic books and magazines, as each one you find unlocks various perks and customisation options to improve your lot. There are 17 different publications in total, each with a number of issues to track down.