Dc Comics The God Of Speed?

Who is the god of speed in flash?

Another speedster who seems even faster than Barry kills off some of the SWAT team and pins Barry to the ceiling, revealing himself to be “Savitar, the god of speed.” (If you read the comics, you know Savitar isn’t actually a god.

He just thinks he is — and he’s Wally’s nemesis.)

Who is faster Godspeed or flash?

He became faster than Godspeed and faster than any other Flash. After he came back from the speed force, he was much faster than he has ever been. So ultimately, Godspeed was fastest at his time but Wally became fastest after the time of Godspeed. So Wally remains the fastest speedster.

Who is the god of speed in real life?


How fast is Godspeed flash?

1,079,252,848 km/h