Dc Comics Spiderman Young Justice?

Does DC Comics have a Spider Man?

Spider-Man is not a legacy character, he’s the progenitor of the Spider-legacy.

Who is like Spider-Man in the DC Universe, has DC comics made a character that has Spider-Mans same powers.

Like a similar character or a complete ripoff.

Who is the Spiderman in Young Justice?

Josh Keaton

Is Black Spider A copy of Spider Man?

Short answer absolutely not. In fact Spider-Man is a copy himself. The reason some people claim Black Spider is a copy is solely down to his appearance in the TV animated series Young Justice, when he was portrayed as a villainous assassin who used webbing and clung to surfaces.

What is black spider?

Black Spider is the name of several fictional characters who are DC Comics supervillains. The first two were both primarily the enemies of Batman.