Daredevil Comics Where To Start?

How do I start reading Daredevil comics?

Where to Start Reading Daredevil!

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What are the best Daredevil comics?

10 Best Daredevil Storylines In Marvel Comics, Ranked

  • 1 Born Again. “Born Again” is one of the greatest stories in Marvel’s history.
  • 2 Gang War. Originally, Kingpin was primarily a Spider-Man villain.
  • 3 Daredevil vs Punisher.
  • 4 Last Hand.
  • 5 Roulette.
  • 6 End of Days.
  • 7 Man Without Fear.
  • 8 Mark Waid Run (Daredevil Vol.

What issue did Frank Miller start writing Daredevil?

Daredevil and the early 1980s

Miller’s first issue of Daredevil was #158, which was the last part of an ongoing story written by Roger McKenzie. Although mainly conforming to traditional comic-book styles, Miller infused this first issue with his own film noir style, which proved to be a success.

Is Daredevil Yellow Canon?

Daredevil Yellow is not “canon”. It is a great mini and of course has beautiful art by Tim Sale but it’s just another take on DD’s origin. Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear is considered the definitive or “canon” origin at this time.

What Daredevil comics should I read?

All books in Daredevil (2015), in reading order:

  1. Chinatown. #2: Daredevil: Back in Black Vol.
  2. Supersonic. #3: Daredevil: Back in Black Vol.
  3. Dark Art. #4: Daredevil: Back in Black Vol.
  4. Identity. #5: Daredevil: Back in Black Vol.
  5. Supreme.
  6. Mayor Fisk.
  7. Mayor Murdock.
  8. Death of Daredevil.

Is Daredevil End of Days canon?

Okay, so according to Bendis, Daredevil: End of Days is canon. And we make it cannon,” Bendis explained. “This is in continuity; not too dissimilar to how ‘Dark Knight Returns’ became continuity through sheer force of will. So we put it out there and everybody jumped.”