Best Spiderman Comics To Collect?

What are the best comics to collect?

The best-selling comic books of all time

  • Action Comics #1000 (2018) Jim Lee/DC Comics.
  • Detective Comics #1000 (2019) Image:Jim Lee/DC Comics.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #583 (2009) Todd Nauck/Marvel Comics.
  • Secret Wars #1 (2015)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014)
  • FCBD Edition Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2002)
  • Batman: The 10-cent Adventure (2002) #1.
  • Fantastic Four #60 (2002)

What is the best Spider Man comic series?

The best Spider-Man comics of all time

  1. Ultimate Spider-Man #200.
  2. Spidey Vol.
  3. “Back in Black,” The Amazing Spider-Man #539 – #543.
  4. Spider-Men.
  5. Marvel Team-Up (2019)
  6. “The Conversation,” Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #38.
  7. “A Death in the Family,” Peter Parker: Spider-Man (1999) #44 – #47.

Are Spiderman comics worth anything?

Average condition of this book is around 4.5 to 6.0. It’s worth about $200 in a CGC holder and won’t cost much less if your example isn’t certified. A CGC 9.2 will cost you less than $2,000. That seems like a pretty cheap price for such a high-grade Silver Age Spider-Man comic book.

Where should I start with Spiderman comics?

Ultimate Universe (Universe-1610)

It’s a great starting point into both comic books and Spider-Man since it is such a clean start. With a brand new universe, there’s no back history to know. Print starts with Ultimate Spider-Man: Ultimate Collection, Vol.