All Marvel Star Wars Comics?

Does Marvel Unlimited have Star Wars comics?

Marvel announced today that more than 500 Star Wars comics (with more on the way this summer) have just been added to its Marvel Unlimited digital subscription service, including both Marvel comics from 1977-1987 and Dark Horse Comics from throughout that publisher’s partnership with Lucasfilm.

Are the Marvel Star Wars comics good?

The main comic series being released by Marvel Comics was originally written by Jason Aaron, later being taken over by Kieron Gillen. This main comic series is still ongoing and it is an excellent story to keep up with for anyone that is a fan of the main heroes of Star Wars.

Where can I read the Star Wars comics?

Star Wars Legends comics can be found in comic book stores, online stores, digitally on Comixology and Marvel Unlimited, and on eBay. Keep in mind that these comics are not new releases so not every store will have every Star Wars comic available.

How much are Star Wars comics?

As with most #1 issues, Star Wars #1 has the bulk of the value in this series. A 9.8 (near mint/mint) shape comic will be worth around $1,000. That is pretty much top shape. Even a rough copy will net you $25.